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Lovelywholesale use the combined shipping fees.Combined shipping is where you purchase two or more items with one seller and get a discount on the shipping rates.it can save money for u.


For example,if you are from Australia,you purchase one item of weight 0.9kg,you select the EMS delivery method,the shipping fees is $28.22,if you buy 2 the same item,the weight is 1.8kg,the shipping fees is $37.92,the 2nd stuff shipping fees is just $9.7,it is the combined shipping fees method.



As the stock level has some changed,sometimes we need to credit the balance of out of stock stuff to the customers(including the shipping fees),some customers feel confused about the shipping fees.if you buy 3pc items like A(0.85kg),B(0.7kg),C(0.5kg),you are from Australia and you select EMS shipping method,the total shipping fees is $42.77,if the B is out of stock,we need to credit the shipping fees of B is $42.77-(A+C)shipping fees,(A+C)shipping fees=1.35kg shipping fees=$33.07,so the B shipping fees is $9.7.


any question,pls contact us.



have a nice day.