Most women prefer to wear hair extensions to boost their confidence, however, due to the high maintenance, the extensions are quite expensive. But you can still buy the ones you like based on your budget, and they do not hurt your hair as the traditional extensions do.


1. Human hair clip in extensions. Many celebrities and super stars can change their hairstyles several times even per day, how can they do that? You do not need to spend a lot of time and money in the salon, you can enjoy different hairstyles even at home for a few minutes. What can help you achieve that? The answer is hair extensions. Either online or offline, you can purchase hair extensions at the price of about $150-$200, and they are made of real human hair and in pretty good quality. The strips of the human hair can be attached to your natural hair, and they can be removed or put on easily whenever and wherever.

2. Use a comb to separate your hair into sections. It is a good solution to separate the ha ir into three or four horizontal layers, so that the hair can look natural. Make sure to leave a full amount of hair on the top of your hair to hide the extensions.

3. Make every strip and clip be stable under every separated layer of the hair. and then get more hair out and do the same things again.

4. Just as styling your own hair, you can style the extensions as the ways you like.