Are you still in trouble of choosing a long hairstyle or a short hair cut to match your face ? Nowdays fashion trends have told us that the traditional long hairstyles are already out .The BOB and LOB hairstyles with natural looking and piecey wave are the real trends .

Believe it or not, the hair fashion trends have been more and more divers in these days. If you're owing a head of short hair then no need push your hair grow faster any more. Because the lob (long bob) hairstyle and bob styles nowadays have became a trendy.

Which you can tell that from the worldwide celebrites, such as Katy perry, Alexa, Cara, Claire, Taylor, Jessica and more. They are leading a BoB and Lob fashion trend now, don't it, you can be the one too.


Layered Bob


Alexa Chungs layered bob 

Alexa Chungs had this layered bob hairstyle in red carpet show up time to time. Her layered bob increased the charm of mature and the blunt cut maked her eyes look more bright and smile looks more sweet!



A-Line BOB

A-Line BOB have the hair length till chin and a parting in the front .Celebrities like Katy Perry and Jourdan Dunn have this short hairstyle often .

Katy Perry had a amazing blue color A-line Bob with side part ,very sexy. We made a same looking

lace front wigs as this haircut.

Katy-Perry A line Bob

A-line Bob style hair



Side-Swept Bangs Asymmetric Bob

Rosamund Pikes Side-swept Asymmetric Bob

This hairstyle is very cool and refreshing. The long side-swept bangs greatly complement this bob hairstyle. Likewise, the sleek hair is ideal for this kind of asymmetric bob cut,
Rosamund Pikes has this haircut show up on her movie the missing lover and we created one same looking side part short bob lace wig .


Lob ( Long Bob)
Long bob is the best choic for those who want to change her long hair look into a new one, but not want it to short.

Cara Delevingne and Jessica Simpson wear this hairstyle for parties and red carpet too.

Cara Delevingne free long bob 


Jessica straight lob hairstyle