As time goes by, you will find that your hair and/or your scalp changes, there are some reasons for these: aging, illness, medication, genetics and body chemistry.


Through the years, you might find that something that has work for you for years no longer works. If so, now it is time for you to learn something that can work for you again.


 Step1  You need to go to see a doctor to confirm if the change is caused by diseases. Most causes of change are related to age. If it is due to age, then what you should is just to get used to your changed hair, and think about a way to make you look younger.


Step2 Get started to make your hair look different. If you have been using products for straight and thin hair, but your hair is not straight any more, then you can get some other products for wavy hair.


Step3 No mater what is the condition of your hair, make sure that you can take care of it.


Step4 Apply a clarifying shampoo periodically. By doing this, you can clean all the buildup of your hair and scalp.


Step5 Check your scalp carefully. Sometimes it is because the change of your scalp instead of the change of the hair. The scalp might have gotten greasy.


 Step6 Get something that suits you. Get something that you are familiar with, it is not suggested to get a permanent dying your hair, because it will change the texture of your hair.

Step7 Apply conditioner buy only a tiny dab on the ends of the hair. do not apply too much, because it will only make the hair too greasy.