Some customers don't know how to care for curly hair weaves as we know curly hairs are very easily to get tangled .Our company do provide the service to detangle curly hairs if customers themselves don't know how to detangle .Those are the steps we detangle curly hairs weaves in our factory ,hope it can help .

Step 1: Spray The Hairs With Water or lotions When We Receive Your Tangled Hair
Step 2: Smooth The Hairs Gently With The Specialty Tool
Then Brush Hairs Gently
To Make Sure Hairs are very Smooth
Step 3: Wash the Hairs
Wash Hairs Gently In the Same Direction With shampoo
Wash the hairs For Many Times With Clean Water
Step 4:Put Some Nutritious Hair Conditioner to Clean Warm Water of 40-50 and Have Hairs In the Water For 10 Minutes
Brush hairs Again to Make them Smooth
Step 5: Dry the Hairs