Wearing hair extensions has become a way of boosting someone’s confidence, since they look so natural and can make a person feel pretty good. Girls all love long tresses, but not all of them can have long tresses as they want to. Extensions can make you have any hairstyle you wish. And the maintenance of them is easy. You only need to make them stay in their place. Here are some tips of how to care for your extensions.


1. When washing the hair extensions, do use the gentle shampoo and conditioner specially designed for hair extensions. After distributing the conditioner on the hair evenly, just leave the conditioner on the hair for a while and then rinse the hair. Get rid of the water out of the hair with towel, do it carefully to avoid possible knots and tangles. The hair can be more shiny and soft with the leave-in conditioner. Generally, you only need to wash the hair once a week, washing it too much can make it loosen in a short time.

2. Brush your hair carefully with a wide tooth brush, which is specially made for brushing extensions. You can also use a wide tooth comb. For the extensions made of mat materials, you need to brush the hair from the bottom up, and this can make things easier. Before you wash the hair, do remove the knots and tangles. Before you go to bed, you can make a ponytail or simple braids to keep the hair in a good condition. By these ways, you can effectively prevent the hair from getting tangled or having knots.

3. For those who want a permanent hair styling, synthetic extensions are a good choice, especially the synthetic extensions that are heat resistant. With good quality heat styling tools, these extensions can be styled very easily. And the digital heat tools are the best choice among the options of heat tools for these extensions. With these heat tools, you can know the exact temperatures when you heating the products. You can also use heat tools very conveniently on human hair extensions. But excess heat will shorten the lifespan of the extensions.

4. When choosing extensions, you need to consider your own hair textures, and extensions that are heavy compared to your hair textures are not a good choice, because they can damage your own hair.

5. When you go to swim, do wear swim caps so that the chemicals in the water can not damage the extensions. And wash your hair just after you leave the swimming pool.