Have you ever get tired of your hair weft or don’t know how to reuse the old hair wefts. Here give you a good method to deal with the old hair weft. Or you can have fun with making your own secret human hair extension yourself.

How to DIY Secret Hair Extension


Follow the 6 steps to DIY your secret hair extension

1. Things you will need

A pack of human hair weft

A tube of bonding glue

A pair of scissors

Some transparent mono-filament (the clean fishing line is ok)


2.Measure and cut the hair

Take the human hair weft and measure it against the back of your head to the right width to your head, then use the scissors to cut the human hair weft to the width you need. Cut the 2 more other wefts into the same width if you want a fuller look.


3. Stick the hair wefts together.

Take your bonding glue and squeeze a thick line under the rubber ridge (and directly onto the hair) on one of the hair wefts, then place the second hair weft on top. Do the same with the third piece, then leave the bonding glue to dry.


4. Measure and attach the mono-filament.

Take a long piece of mono-filament and measure it to find the right length.

To do this, place the mono-filament across the top of your head (like a headband), then stretch the end pieces to the back of your head.

Wherever the ends of the mono-filament stop is where the hair extensions will start. This is really a matter of personal preference, but most people want their extensions to start somewhere around the occipital bone.

Cut the mono-filament to your preferred length, but leave an extra couple of inches on either side for tying knots.


5. Attach the mono-filament to the hair wefts.

Take one end of the mono-filament and tie it to one end of the hair weft using a couple of simple but tight knots, like the bow knot. Do the same on the other end. Seal the knots in place with a dot of bonding glue, then wait for the bonding glue to dry.


6. Apply the secret hair extensions.

To apply the secret extensions, sit the ring of mono-filament and hair on your head -- with the hair to the back and the mono-filament across the top of your head.


Take your comb or use your fingers and start brushing to combine your natural hair with the secret hair extensions and cover the line of mono-filament.

You can secure the secret hair extensions in place with few bobby pins, but this usually isn't necessary. Since the Secret Hair Extensions are made from human hair, you can now style your hair as normal using a flat iron or curling tongs. Enjoy your creature.

14 - 32 Inch Straight Secret Human Hair Extensions #33 Dark Auburn