Most wig lovers just do not know how to make their wigs out of weaves. If you have new curling tongs, you either lost the manual on the bus or it does not make big soft curls, then you can read this article to help you.



 11. Get a shower cap and a hair net in a shop of selling hair products. You can get some dark brown weave as well. Put the shower cap on a mannequin and the hair net on the top of that.


 2. Between the hair net and the shower cap, you can put a layer of glue in. Due to the hair net you have for your hair, this might take quite a while. You can get your weave quickly, and then sew it in one hole once, there are many holes that are waiting for you to sew in, so it will take quite a lot of time before you can finish it.


3.Keep on adding to it. You have sewn in the first batch of hair you will want to go down in like a spiral way basically a circular motion with your weave to sew in more patches on the wig-net. If you are not good at sewing, you can look for someone who is professional to help you with sewing the wig. Or you can go to your local sewing shop and ask them for help.


4. If you want to sew in mixed colors, you can start with a fresh line. Take the blue hair and then sew it side by side, and you have mixed hair, and then brown or red or yellow, whatever colors you want your hair to be.


To the older people yearling for a little wildlife, this is also a good way. It just let you have something to do, and you can do it slowing and just enjoy it.