Every woman who wears hair extensions might have experienced the failure by their beautician at least once due to the color matching and hair grade. Just like there are various colors of hair extensions, there are various hair types. Usually, opposites do not attract in the world of hair extensions.




1. Wash your hair completely.

2. When you observe the hair color, make sure that you have proper lighting, just like sunlight or 75watt bulbs.


3. Dry your hair without adding conditioners or oils.


4. When your hair is wet, do not match the hair extensions color the your hair color, because wet hair always looks darker than normal.


5. Separate a section of the hair by using a rat- tailed, and then place a one inch piece of the hair extension onto your scalp.


6. Use a hairpin or clamp to hold the piece.


7. Comb your hair over the extension gently, do not pull the extension away from the scalp.