Have you every tried to style your own hair or your friend’s hair and it just does not turn out that it looks good? If you read this article, I am sure that this will not happened again. So this article will tell you how to practice hairstyling on your wig.



 1.The wig you chose should have the same thickness and length as your hair. But you do not need to always buy new wigs if you want to style your friend’s hair. If you often help others style their hair, then you might want to purchase a wig that is middle in length, volume and thickness. It will be perfect to have a medium length wig for all the hair types.


2.Select your own style. A twist ponytail or emo pigtails is good.


3.Perform your style on the wig as if you would on any person’s hair. Do make sure that the wig is untangled and clean ad you would any girl or boy’s hair.


4.As soon as you completes your hair style, you can perform your style on your or a friend’s hair. Make sure to be slow and gentle, as it can improve the style quality and pleasure.


5.Compare the style on the wig to the style on the real hair. Is it 100% same? And both of them look good? Is the style on the wig better than the real hair?


6.It is time that you start to enjoy the new hair style.