People like to use hair extensions to add length and volume to their hair, so that they can look good. Hair extensions nowadays have become very popular, they allow the wearer to have the hair he or she wanted without damaging his/her own hair.

When it comes to add extensions to your hair, there are several ways. But your natural hair might get damaged if you do not use a proper way. And it is important to know how to prepare your own hair for hair extensions, so that your hair can look good and your natural hair will not be damaged.


Step1 Select a proper type of hair extension for yourself. Learn something about the types of hair you can buy and the ways of attaching the extensions to your hair. There are several options, for example, glue-in, wafts, sew-in, micro ring clamp-in and protein bond.


Step2 Choose a stylist and discuss the attaching process with her. You can feel free to ask her any questions, and then you can purchase the hair extensions, try to get one with the color similar with your own hair, so you do not have to change your hair color to match with the extensions.


Step3 Before you visit the salon and have your extensions added, you need to prepare your own hair. You can purchase a clarifying shampoo and then wash your hair before you go out to a salon.


Step4 Get your hair colored to match with the extensions you are going to wear. Make sure to do this one day before you attach the hair extensions to your hair. Also make sure that your hair stylist have the extensions on hand so that you can choose the best color. Do color your hair before the process, and this can prevent breaking your hair extensions early.


Step5 Use clarifying shampoo to wash your hair, and then rinse it, do it again. Never add any conditioner to your hair. Dry your hair with a towel, and use a comb to comb it into straight. Make sure not to add any products to your hair or style your hair.


Step6 Let your hair dry, you can make it dry on a low setting. Make sure not to sue any styling tools such as a round brush. Make sure that your hair is in a natural condition before the hair extensions are put on, so that the extensions can adhere to your hair perfectly.