If you just had a totally awful haircut, and you do not like it at all, so you want to make a change yourself, then make it into a ponytail will be a good choice. But since it is short hair, so you might need to lear how to make it into a ponytail without difficulty.


Step1 When you have a bath, wash your nice hair with shampoo and conditioner. Your hair will look really good after that. it is clean, non-oily.

Step2 Use a comb or brush to detangle your hair to get rid of the tangles. Or you can use a detangler product, a leave in conditioner or moisturizer.

Step3 Do not scrunch the hair too much, or you will make it too curly, then it will be harder to pull back.

Step4 Let your hair dry naturally. this step is very important, because if it is still wet, it will get dry with an indentation where your rubber band was, which can only make your new haircut worse.

Step5 If necessary, you can put gel onto hair, but do not apply so much. And remember not to put too much gel at the top of your scalp, since it will make your hair look really oily.

Step6 Use a rubber band to pull your hair back just like what you do usually. The The smaller the rubber band, the easier it will be. Also, invest in elastic headbands that hold your bangs back. Goody Stay Put bands work the best.
Step7 For the remainder of the hair, you can attach bobby pins to your hair, so that it won't go back into the pony tail. If necessary, you can use an entire box of them. The shorter your hair, the more bobby pins you will likely have to use. Some 
stores sell a special lock-in type of bobby-pin. These work especially well. Also, if you don't want a all of the bobby pins to show, try and hide them behind the ponytail, and buy ones that match your hair color.

Step8 If you do not want to strain your scalp, you can leave a little hair down in the front.

Step9 Now you can relax and enjoy.