Wash your curly wig sparingly. Wigs do not need to be washed as often as your own hair.one time a week is ok.Now let learn how to wash a curly wigs professional:

1.Always wash your curly wig on a mannequin head (a polystyrene/Styrofoam head is fine). This gives you complete control over the procedure instead of having to guess if you’re washing it correctly.

2.Make sure hair is tangle-free before washing.
Before washing, first finger-comb hair and then comb with a "shampoo comb" - from bottom to top -- to ensure that there are no tangles in the hair, especially at the nape. If there are any tangles in the hair when it is submerged in the water, the water will lock the tangles causing a matted mess.

3.Wet the wig under running water,
please take notice of the water pressure.if it is too high .may hurt the hair .being careful not to submerge the entire wig. Work a palm-size amount of shampoo into the wig, being careful to thoroughly cleanse the entire wig. Submerging the wig into the water can cause the hair fibers to knot and tangle, making brushing it out difficult
Notice :Use a shampoo for dry/damaged hair or for chemically treated hair if the curls are not naturally from the donor (make sure it’s suited for colored hair if you’re wig is colored in any way – if you’re not sure if it is, use one just in case). and if your location is with hard water.please wash the hair with distilled water

4. Properly Rinse the Wig
Rinse the wig under slow running cold water .Make sure the cap and the hair fibers completely rinse clean of the shampoo. Also, be certain that the water flows in the same direction as the hair on the wig to keep the silky appearance

5.Conditioning the Wig
Massage wig conditioner into small sections of the wig until it is completely covered. Apply conditioner from root to tip. Rinse thoroughly in cold water. If using leave in conditioner instead of rinse out conditioner, simply spray the conditioner on the wig to coat, or apply and massage into the wig by hand.

take the wig off the mannequin head .towel off your hair slightly, just enough to stop the dripping.Don't rub your hair with the towel.hang it on the wig stand .Let hair air dry. If in a hurry can use a blow-dryer on a low setting .For curly hair, use a blow-dryer with a diffuser attachment.Start blow drying at the top/roots, about six inches away from your scalp with low-temperature setting.Work your way down and leave your hair a little bit damp. (Tips: If you want some lift and volume, use your hands to comb your roots up and blow-dry).
Notice :Do not sleep on, or leave the house with wet hair. If wet hair rub against the car seat, or on clothing, it will dry tangled from the rubbing.

7.Styling curly hair
Pin-curl hair before drying. To better ensure the curl pattern that you want, pin curl hair while it is wet and either blow-dry, or let air dry.
Shape the hair by scrunching it some more and twirling pieces around a finger.Avoid using brushes and narrow-toothed combs and avoid touching your hair as much as possible.This can separate your curls and lead to unwanted frizz.

If your wig is already a little tangle .put your wig on a mannequin head.then you can do as follow :
1.prepare a spray battles :with shampoo& water mix
2.take the mixture atart sprayiing the wig
3.Finger comb the hair to remove tangles as you continue spraying
4.until the shampoo haas been evenly worked into the tresses and the hair is dripping wet
5.Take another battles (with 100% water) .rinse the hair by spraying.
6.now try you lace wig by takeing a towel and laying the wig on one side of towel over the wig and press the wig dry
7.Take your Aussie Mousse and distribute it evenly throughout your wig.this will hold the curl in place
8.scrunch the hair to create tighter curls
9.Place your LHS sleeping net(which you can purshace online) on the wig and hang overnight.this will tighly set the curls
10.Then enjoy your fresh new curly wig

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Lovelywholesale Team