If you have blonde hair, are you being scared of being told that “You are such a blonde!” and you have tried to dye your hair into other more common color such as black or brown? You do not need to do that. You just look fantastic.


Step1 Do not care about what others say so much. Just be yourself, if others laugh at you or being rude, you can treat it with a smart and confident attitude like “it is just a hair color” or “blonde is special, I like it so much.”


Step2 Blonde makes you look good. Blonde hair can match with your outfit well and you can look special in the crowd.


Step3 In all the colors, blonde hair is a recessive trait, it is the most special and rarest hair color except red. You can stand out in the crowd and it is not bad unless you make it bad.


Step4 In the movies, you can see that the beautiful and brave girls are often blonde.


Step5 Make yourself easy! Do not care so much about what other say, you can take it easy if others saying that “oh, you are a blonde!”


Step6 Never behave or act like the blonde stereotype. You only need to be confident and smart on top of things.


Step7 Always believe that you are the beautiful one. Your hair is charming, special and gorgeous. If you do not think your hair looks different, then others will not think differently about it.


Step8 Do not make a big reaction. If others make fun of you, then you just need to give them the reaction they want, they will feel embarrassed.