Leopard print hair extensions are so beautiful, so many fashion ladies want to have them, how can you get them easily without paying a lot? You can make them on your own, here are some simple steps for you to follow:


Step1 Choose your color series. Generally speaking, it is easiest to do a lighter based color and darker leopard print.


Step2 Dye your hair the base color. You can choose white, blonde or a special pastel color such as pink, blue or green. Dry the hair for a while, not to be too short, unless the darker color needs to be applied to wet hair.


Step3 Mix the darker print color like black or brown and squirt it into a bowl or cup.


Step4 Get a wooden stick and press the end into the darker dye.


Step5 Make sure to stamp hair dye on to look like leopard print, and use a cotton swab to do any extra detailing. Hair on your head should be held flat while pressing so the dye doesn't smear too much. Press the loose hair into the palm holding it, like above.


Step6 If you want, you can use a cotton swab to add middles to your leopard print.


Step7 You can ask a local hairdressers for advices if it does not look good on you.