4.5"deep part lace front wigs are new choice for your perfect deep part looking.
Now in stock we have straight ,wavy and curly styles .All of them are of good
quality and very natural looking .

New Arrivals 4.5" Super Deep Part Lace Front Wigs

Why We Improved Lace Front Wigs To 4.5" Deep Part ?

All our in stock normal lace front wigs are of 3" lace for parting and they are our
best sellers for years . Customers can do parting anywhere in the front .Compared
to full lace wigs , lace front wigs have weave tracks in the back,so lace front
wigs are more affordable than full lace wigs . But always some customers tell us
that 3" lace was too short for a deeper parting and the tracks would appear
sometimes when you did a deeper parting in the front.We were very serious about
this issue and our wig experts decided to make the lace longer in the front to be
4.5" which meant customers could not only enjoy a deep part looking but also a
affordable price.

How The Improved 4.5" Deep Part Lace Front Wigs Work ?

The new 4.5" Deep Part Lace Front Wigs have the same cap constructions as the
normal ones which still have 3 combs inside and adjusatble straps in the back for
security .The only difference is that the lace area is much longer from front to
back .Also all wigs are styled with middle part and C side part in advance ,so you
don't need to do parting by yourself .

Are Your Improved 4.5" Deep Part Lace Front Wigs Very Expensive ?

Of course not , actually our new 4.5" deep part lace front wigs are very affordable
and just a little higher than the normal lace front wigs . so the price is very

Are There Some Custom Options For The Improved 4.5" Deep Part Lace Front Wigs ?

Yes ,we can customize a 4.5" deep part lace front wigs with your own cap size and
other specifications. For custom orders , if you can't order online ,please just
email us your specifications and we will help you order this wig via email .
our email address is service@lovelywholesale.us