Usually you can heat your human hair extensions without any problem, but with the synthetic hair extensions, if you want to curl them, what can you do since they are not good if being heated. How can you curl the synthetic extensions without using any heat? Here we go:


1. Use warm water to wash your hair extensions as usual..

2. Put a leave-in conditioner on the hair.

3. Brush through your extensions with a wide tooth brush or comb.

4. Use Velcro rollers. Take the biggest rollers and use those on you bottom pieces.

5. Split your weft into 2 or 3 sections and put the rollers in.

6. Dry them in the air overnight and not to touch them..

7. Once the extensions are dry, they will be curly naturally.

8. Put your extensions on by following the instructions of how to wear extensions.

9. Curl your own hair as well so it will blend.

10. Now you will have natural curly hair without using any heat.