If you want to have your hair colored and wear bonding hair extensions, but you do not know how to achieve both techniques in the same day, then you can read this guide.


This article is only for men and women who are coloring their regrowth


Method 1: Dying Regrowth


1.If you like to have your hair dyed, you need to wash the hair to get rid of all dirt and oils, unless you do not intend to use bleach to either make you a blonde or redhead.


2.Make a mixture of the dye and developer in the method you control, and then apply to the roots.

3. Wait for a while that is needed in the directions.

4. Rinse the hair out.

5. Apply shampoo and a deep conditioner to the hair.



Method 2: Bleaching and Tint


1.If you are an artificial Red-head or bleach blonde, do not wash your hair for about two days before you want to do the bleaching process.

2. Mix the bleach. There are various types of bleaches available in the market, but no matter what you choose, they all work in the same way.

3. Apply a 20 vol. crème developer to your roots if you are a medium blonde.

Apply a 30 vol. crème developer if you are a dark blonde to dark brunette. Apply a 30 vol. or a 40 vol. if you are a natural red head.


Method 3: Applying the Hair Extensions

1.Prepare a tape measure If you haven't cut the extensions to fit already. Measure where you want them on your head, and cut the wefted hair in the sizes that you need.


2. Section off the hair with a rat tail comb, clip up the excess hair, and use some glue on to the weft, then apply the extension to your hair slowly.

3. Use a hair dryer to dry the glue if you are using a latex glue. Use a hot curling iron on the weft to help dry and lock in the glue if you are using liquid gold weaving glue. Do the process again until you pull all the wefts where you want them.

4. Do the process again until you finish. Once you are done with your extensions. You can style what you want.