Step1 Purchase a colorful synthetic clip in Hair-extension you like. You can get a cheap colorful synthetic clip in hair extensions very easily online or offline, such as Clares, Hot Topic, Peacocks, Blue Banana, etc.

Step2 Use a masking tape to tape the extension down onto a table.

3Put tape across the extension. Leave a 2cm gap between each piece of tape.

Step3 Put the tape across the extension, and then leave a 2 cm gap between each piece of tape.

Step4 Color in the gaps of color by using your colored marker pen. It does not matter if the marker gets on the masking tape.

Step5 Let the pen get dry and then get rid of the tape and flip over your extension. Use the same technique on the other side as what you did on the previous side.


How to clip the extension into your hair

1. Take a section of your hair off the top of your head and pin it back. Use the top layer if you have layers.

2. Take some of the hair underneath and either twist or back comb it. This will provide an anchor for the extension to sit on.

3. Clip open your extension and clip it onto the top of your 'anchor' gently.

4. Un-clip the your top layer to make it fall over the extension.

5. Fiddle with it until it feels comfortable and looks realistic.