Wang to have a new look without spending so much time and money? Want to look fashionable? A good idea is to purchase a wig. Here are some steps of how to purchase a wig.

1Step1 Check for the wigs in wig shops or hair salons.


Step2 Get a wig according to your head size. Although most wigs are average, you can still get one wig which is suitable for you.


Step3 You can choose a simple color and style if you want to buy one for casual use.


Step4 If you want to purchase a wig for a role, then you can do a research to find out what your role’s hair would look like, so that you can choose the right thing.


Step5 If you know your color time, you can go for a different color and style. Generally speaking, most people will choose warm or cool. You can ask some experts such as a beautician or cosmetologist to help you before you can make the decision.


Step6 Do make sure that your wig looks like a fashion hair style and can be freely styled in different ways.


Step7 Buy a wig that you can secure to your head. Make sure that your wig is secure to your head when you will be dancing, playing a sport or moving around often, so it can not fall off.


Step8 Choose a wig according to your daily hairstyles. You can buy two wigs if you are curling or straightening your hair a lot, so that one can be straight and the other can be curly.


Step9Make sure that it looks like and feels like real hair and you will feel comfortable when wearing it. If you do not feel good about it, then you will totally waste money. Buy a wig with a “see through” cap and open weaving for the most real look. Quite a lot of wigs have lace fronts leading to a more real look.


Step10 If you go out for a special occasion, do not tell others that you are wearing a wig.


Step11 Do not let your wit fall off, so you need to attach it securely.


Step12You can see how you look in a wig in the mirror, so that you can choose the right color and texture.

Step13Before you purchase a wig, you can try it on if you can. And it will help you save so much time.