Have you ever got a headache on your hair extensions since they have become frizzy and tangled? And you can not wear them again? Here are some steps on how to refresh your synthetic clip in hair extensions, if you follow these steps, your hair extensions will look good and soft again.


Step1 It is important to check if your hair extensions are heat resistant first, because if they are not, then these steps can not make things work.


Step2 Use gentle shampoo and conditioner to soak the hair extensions. When you do this, you need to be very gentle and careful.


Step3 Use cool water to rinse the shampoo and conditioner.


Step4 Use a towel to dry the hair, and then leave it damp.


Step5 Remove any knots if there are some and brush the hair gently.


Step6 Use a hot hair straightener or hair iron to dry the hair when it is still damp.


Step7 Move the hot straightener fast up and down through the full length of the extension until it's dry.