Compared to human hair extensions, taking care of synthetic hair extensions might need more effort, since extensions made of synthetic fibers are more difficult to care for long term than the real human hair. But if you do the right things, the synthetic extensions will look good and last for a long time.


Step1 Identify which level your synthetic hair belongs to. The lowest level synthetic hair can not suffer any heat, as it can get melted. However, there are some types of synthetic fiber that can suffer the heat to a certain degree. If you really need to use the styling tools from time to time, do check to see if the synthetic extensions can withstand the heat or not.


Step2 Everyday you can apply detangling spray on the extensions. Make sure to comb the extensions through completely. By applying this product, the hair can avoid tangling and getting frizzy. You can also use a proper comb or brush specially made for extensions.


Step3 Be careful when curling the extensions. Even after washing, most of the synthetic extensions will stay straight. But if you want to make them curly, you can us some hair-curlers. You can soak the extensions into warm water and then roll the curlers into the hair. Let them air dry and when the hair is dry, you will have curly extensions


Step4 At the end of the day, clean any hairspray or other styling products with a mild shampoo and conditioner. Make sure to use cold water. You can get some shampoo specially designed for synthetic hair. This shampoo will make your extensions stay away from tangling.


Step5 Trim the ends and rub some oil onto your extensions and then comb it through. Leave it for about 60 minutes and then get rid of the excess oil out of the hair with a towel. Shampoo them gently and then rinse.


Step6 Before extensions become ratty, you can renew or get rid of them.  Hair extensions tend to move up the hair shaft at around two months, making them prone to loosen or become uneven. So you can renew them to make you look good.