When you are wearing clip-in hair extensions, you can still tie your hair. You can make a simple hairdo with your clip in extensions no matter you have long hair or short hair.


1.Put on your hair extensions. If your hair is short, you can clip up the shorter strands first.


2.Instead of using rubber bands to tie your extensions, you can consider clips, because many strands can fall of your extensions.


3.If you are tying a low ponytail, you can hold your hair down. When you hold the hair down, you can pull the hair up, and then over your head if possible.


4.Get a clip and clip it in the middle.


5.Choose some clips that match your hair color and use them to clip up the loose strands. You can have loose strands of your fringes to get a sexier look.


6.When you clip up your hair like that, it falls over to the side, and you will have a sexier look and be very charming.