Many girls do not know how to protect their hair, and they are unaware of the damage they are doing to their hair. Some others do not know when they should cut their hair and do not know how to avoid split ends. But now, if you follow these steps, you can have beautiful and attractive hair, and also avoid split ends.


Step1 Only shampoo your scalp, unless you use a lot of hair products. For long hair, it is especially true. If you shampoo all the length of the long hair, the hair will become dry and is easier to get tangled. You only need to shampoo your scalp, gently squeeze the roots through to the ends.


Step2 Apply conditioner. Your hair will get dry if you do not apply conditioner, because the hair does not have enough moisture.

Step3 Make sure not to shampoo everyday. If you shampoo too much, the hair will dry out because it loses all the oil. But make sure to apply conditioner everyday.

Step4 Never use blow-dryers, curling irons and flat irons. On special occasions, you can use heat styling, but do not often design heat styling because it might damage the hair. When you do heat styling, be sure to use a product called heat protection.

Step5 Cut your hair every two months. If you do not cut the hair in time, you will have a bunch of split ends, and you only need to get the hair trimmed and shaped up.

Step6 Never cut your hair yourself. Go to a salon or hair dresser to have your hair cut, and the hair stylist will help you with your hair type.


Step7 Do take a shower in the morning if you have curly hair. And you can put leave in conditioner in your hair when you go out, mousse as well. The mousse will secure your curls, while the leave in conditioner will soften them. When the hair is drying, do not touch it.