Using the tape in hair extensions before and after
Hair extensions have become a fashion accessory for most of the women nowadays. They can offer the desirable length, volume and beauty to your natural hair in an easy and economical way. Among the hair extensions, the tape-in hair extensions are one of the most popular hair extensions. Tape in human hair extensions come with high quality adhesive tapes. The tapes make these hair extensions easy to apply and remove. They keep stuck wonderfully, matching with your natural hair without getting loose for the entire day. You don’t need any hair specialist to get them installed. You can install them at the comfort of your home.Here are some tips for the tape in hair extensions.

How to install the Tape in Hair Extensions
How to install the tape in hair extensions
1)Before installing the tape in hair extension, washing your hair with shampoo and blow-dry or air dry the hair. Clean and dry t your natural hair is important, or the tape in hair extension will fall out quickly if you directly taping the hair extension to your natural hair. So, don’t be lazy for this step.
2) Starting from the bottom, section your hair and make sure that you have a nice clean horizontal line on the section. 3) Hold the section of hair up, stick an extension to your comb and place it 1 cm from the hair root. Release the section of hair, place your finger over the tape, press firmly and roll the comb off of the tape, or use the professional extension pliers to press, no heat is required in this step.
4) After you have firmly pressed the tape in hair extension into your hair, lift the hairs that did not attach to the tape and clip them up with the rest of your hair.
5) After you clip the hairs that did not stick to the tape, you will then place the second tape in hair extension on top of the first tape firmly. Make sure the tapes are even. If the sides of the tapes do not line up, they are more likely to come apart and decrease hold times.
6) Repeat steps 2 through 5, placing the tape in hair extensions side by side with a distance of 1 cm between them. 7) Once you have finished the installing of the tape in hair extension, please remember that do not shampoo your hair in the first three days of the extension. Typical weft glue usually only lasts 2-3 weeks, but the tape in hair extensions method lasts around 3 months if you tape them with the right method and proper caring.
You can style your hair into ponytails and other hairstyle you want. The only thing that's a little difficult is parting your hair down the back for pigtail braids, or something along those lines.
Daily Tips
1)Washing with the warm water which temperature is about 40 degree of centigrade, if it is the colored tape in hair extension, 30 degree of centigrade is ok too. Washing the hair along with the hair way down, shampoo and conditioner the hair as usually.
Washing with the warm water
2)Sleeping on silk pillows will help keep your hair from getting roughed-up over night as well.

How long does the tape in hair extension last?
Tape in hair extensions need to be removed every 2-3 months. The faster your hair grows, the faster they will need to be replaced. Also, if you have a lot of product buildup or have not take care of your tape in hair extensions they will may become loose and will need replaced. Most who wear tape in hair extensions get 10 weeks of wear. When you feel your tape in hair extensions have grown out more than two inches or some are slipping out, then it is time to have them reapplied.

How to remove tape in hair extensions? Can i remove the tape in hair extensions myself?
Tips for installing and removing the tape in hair extensions
Removing tape-in hair extensions on your own is tough. If you are unsure about removing your tape in hair extensions or do not have a lot of experience with hair extensions you can go to the salon to have them removed. However, tape in extensions are easy to remove at home with an organic remover. You can remove them at home as long as you follow all steps and be sure not to pull too hard when removing. But if you are unsure, be sure to visit your local trusted salon to have the tape in hair extensions removed.
If you want to remove the tape in hair extensions yourself. Just follow some easy steps and you can take them off quickly.
1. First of all, locate the junction points of the hair extensions and your own hair. If you tie up your hair with clips, you can see the tapes easily.
2. After locating the tapes, apply ample amount of remover oil directly to the adhered track and let them soak for a few minutes (about 10-15 minutes) and loosen. Don’t be miser, but be generous while sprinkling it. Scanty amount of remover oil will work poorly. Because of the sheen oil the tape will be loosened, so you have to use the oil in plenty to the extent of making the tapes saturated with it. Then, using a wide-tooth comb or your fingers, slowly try to slide the two pieces either apart from each other, or down the shaft of your hair.
3. You can also apply hair grease to your natural hair in case you are finding it very difficult to remove the tape in hair extensions. If while removing the tape in hair extensions you feel that your own hair are getting pulled, you should keep on applying grease till the tapes are removed easily without any pull on your natural hair.
Be patient while removing your tape-in hair extensions and you will achieve mastery in it definitely. Your hair will feel dramatically thinner than it did with your hair extensions in.

Can the tape in hair extension be reused?
Can the tape in hair extension be reused?
Of course, it can. Wash and dry the old tape in hair extensions which was removed from the natural hair. Make sure you have cleaned up all the glues out with the remover oil. Or you can gently warm the tapes and then tear off the glue.
Buy some new tapes for the hair extension. Brush the old tape in hair extensions, ensure the hairs are move down and stick the rough side of the old tape hair extension on the new tapes, then press the hair and the tape to sticky securely, make it even and cut the redundant tapes away from the extension, that’s it, you get your new tape in hair extension.