If you want to add volume or length to your hair, extensions are a good choice. It is easy to maintain hair extensions. Here are some tips of how to take care of your human hair extensions.


1.Wash your hair extensions at least once a week, and 3 times is the maximum. By wash them once to twice per week, it can keep the moisture in from shampooing and not make them dry out from over shampooing.


2. Deep condition your hair once per week. First you need to soak your hair extensions in the warm water, and then distribute some conditioner evenly on them. Leave the conditioner on the hair for about half an hour, then rinse and let them get dry in the air. It is not suggested to use a blow dryer since it will damage them.


3. Do use a heat protectant if you want to use heat on the extensions. A heat protectant can protects the hair against heat damage and prevent the ends from being brittle.


4. Wash your hair extensions very carefully to keep them in good condition. They are not cheap and if you can take care of them, they will have a long lifespan, which can help you save money.